Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Going on hiatus

I've been having a lot of stress in my RL and I've reached a point where I have to cut back on my extra-curricular activities of many kinds ... unfortunately this blog is more responsibility than I can handle at the moment.  I'll be shutting it down indefinitely. Not ruling out returning in the future when I have a better handle on what to do and how to do it, but at this point you should think of this as my final post.
In the meantime, I'll still be in Second Life with my dear husband Alex Thaub but not undertaking any activities more strenuous than dancing and shopping and ... having fun.  Thanks, and see you around the multiverse!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

171: The blacklight sessions with DJ Lledge

It's been a while! My real life and my Second Life weren't coexisting well for some time, but I have more time these days.  Lots of water under the bridge. Among other things, I managed to sneak in a surprise marriage to Alex Thaub along the way (he'd kept me waiting a year, so I surprised him with a ceremony on our first anniversary). That was fun! I'll tell you all about it later.
   Last night Alex and I were at the Friday night
Blacklight Sessions with tunage by DJ Lledge Eames and it was just such a good time, I had to share. I love house and trance and EDM, and the way I tell who my favourite DJs in SL are is by how much time I spend bouncing in my chair. I was bouncing pretty much for two hours last night!
   Hosting by my friend Novs Morlim -- who coincidentally did the ceremonial duties at that surprise wedding I mentioned -- means that everyone is so engaged in the open channel, joking and
having fun, that nobody feels the need to fire off a bunch of gestures. That's how I tell who my favourite hosts in SL are! And did I mention a bunch of handsome guys wearing little or nothing? You can tell from the photographs. Sorry I've been away from party blogging for a while; I didn't write down enough names. My friend Marly Moon was there ... for the rest, too many cocktails, sorry ;-(
   The Blacklight Sessions with DJ Lledge are at Ursa Oceanus (230,63,22) ... hope to see you there
next week, Fridays 7 to 9 PM SLT.  The smart thing to do would be to join Lledge's DJ group so you can be reminded of these things.  Alex and I have this event marked on our calendar for every Friday, but a reminder never hurts.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

170: The haircut process

We'd both been talking about it for a while. Well, okay, I've been complaining about the issues involved in having long hair and Alex has been patiently listening. But I think he secretly likes me with shorter hair, so he volunteered to take the scissors to me.  I thought, what the heck, if he wants to have some fun ... I figured it would grow back.  Famous last words.
  He's such a smooth talker. He got me in the chair, and
just kept up a constant flow of chatter about current events, and who broke up with who, and that new club that opened. Every once in a while he'd step back and take a picture, and go, "No, needs more trimming," and the clippers would start up again. I was half asleep the whole time, I think. Finally he said, "Well, that's it!" I had a few millimetres of stubble and a whole new look. Well ... it will grow back, I guess.

I finally found something that was worth cranking up a GIF maker for; this one was from and is both free and really easy to use.
   If you're curious, the hair credits are as follows (with Marketplace links to the demo as available):
Bryce: Saul
Exile: A.J.
Exile: Revolver
Mina: Waylon
No.Match: No.Rest
No.Match: No.Fail
No.Match: No.Access
Tableau Vivant: Smolderholder
   And thanks to supermodel Alex Thaub for being patient while I did this!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

169: New eyes from .ID.

I bought these eyes the other day and just had a chance to really have a look at them. Don't you agree they're quite realistic? A combination of the pupil size and the light reflection and the sclera ... I don't know. But tell me what you think.
   The company's name is .ID. and these are their new mesh eyes.  If you buy the fatpack you get a HUD that lets you switch among all 18 colours. You can get a trial pair on Marketplace here.
   I don't receive payment or free stuff from .ID. or any other Second Life company; I just like their work and I think you will too.

Monday, 11 January 2016

168: Lapointe & Bastchild Limited Edition Jacket

Alex Thaub and I had some fun tonight; I'd seen a nice jacket shown in one of my Facebook groups and thought we'd go and check it out. The idea was interesting to me, a limited edition jacket at an event that is devoted to them, Project Limited.  All the goods at this event are produced in limited numbers, so you can be sure that not everyone at the club will have your look.
   Lapointe & Bastchild don't do a huge range of
garments, but there is one market niche for men that they have totally nailed; their S'Wear leather bomber jacket, with or without a T-shirt underneath, all with lots of choices built into a HUD. I have like four of them with little differences. This one has a large shearling collar, and I'm wearing one very much like it in real life this season.  There are five different designs for embroidery on the back of the jacket, all very wild, and each jacket WAS available in an edition of 150; I think they've sold about 25 each,
so if you get there soon you can still find a full range from which to choose.  Women's jacket also available, and similar styling. Alex and I bought different patterns but we both soon discovered we like the unadorned jacket the best; very elegant and realistic. But I thought I'd show you the back design also.
   If you'd like to check out Project Limited, there's a SLURL here. I should mention that I don't get paid or given free products by L&B, I just like their work. I
think you might too.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

167: Merry Christmas from Alex and Rusty

166: Behind the scenes of our Christmas card

Yesterday Alex Thaub and I finally got down to work on our Christmas card for 2015. As usual, the dogs were curious about what the foolish humans were up to; I saw them in the window keeping an eye on us -- just in case there was food involved, in the case of the bassets. Tiger is not as greedy and bores easily, and I kept seeing him out of the corner of my eye, which made me wonder why he was so curious. But I was
trying to set up a photograph.
   When we were nearly finished, Alex nudged me and whispered, "Don't make any sudden moves, but look over towards the garage and see what the dogs were keeping an eye on." Sure enough, a little family of deer had wandered in, searching for food. Tiger wanted to protect the property, of course, and was anxious to chase them away; Porky and Petunia were merely curious. The deer could apparently tell we meant them no harm, but we didn't get any
closer ... Alex found some oatmeal in the cupboard and we scattered that for them; they disposed of it quickly as we watched. And Tiger sulked for a few hours that we hadn't let him tear the deer to shreds ;-)
   It felt like Christmas, to be able to feed some hungry strangers who don't have the same easy life that we do. Alex and I hope you have the opportunity to make your Christmas meaningful by making life better for someone else.  And I'll post our Christmas card later today!